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Dar el Hadir – Tozeur, Tunisia

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Classic Disney Movies

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Surreal Photo Manipulations By Ex-Ballet Dancer Kylli Sparre

Facebook | show in Amsterdam next month at Qlickeditions

Young or old, it’s never too late to change directions in life and begin chasing your dreams instead of just your obligations.  Photographer Kylli Sparre is a perfect example of this – she discovered that she wanted to be a photographer only after completing professional ballet school.

“When the studies were over, I realized it wasn’t the path for me. I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity ever since. [A few] years ago I found it in photography and never looked back,” writes the artist on her website. The influence of her professional ballet experience is clear in her current photography work – the models in her surreal and dream-like pictures are filled with grace, effortless poise, elegance and beauty.

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Hybrid wolfdog is very protective of the new kitten. - Video


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Design by dcell.

Állati! Figyeltétek a gorillát? Üti mindet!

Mostmár a madárkáért lennék oda… =D

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Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art — Nebula and Gamora — by Andy Park

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Orange Is The New Black cast attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Melina in Shiraz, Iran

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in 2002 i was an animal control officer for the SC county, i had worked the job for about a year and usually worked by myself.
On aug. 19th we got a call for 6 kittens left abandoned in a planter box by a local theater, the maintenance man heard them crying when he watered the flowers and…

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